Culture & Heritage

Jungle Safaris/Wilderness


50 Minutes Drive

The Sacred City of Kataragama is frequently visited by adherents from all religions in Sri Lanka and from all over the world. The annual procession held in the months of July and August is a prominent pageant with all its colorful glory. Main attractions in the event include the fire walking by devotees and Kavadi Dancing.

Madunagala Hot Water Wells & Hermitage

30 Minutes drive

Visiting a hot water spring is a rare opportunity. Being only a few of its kind in the world, Madunagala Wells get you to experience this unique creation of nature. It is believed that the water has a miracle power of curing skin diseases and common ailments.


15 Minutes Drive

Proclaimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, Ussangoda

offers you the chance to have a leisurely day, perhaps with a picnic basket enjoying the breathtaking views of the clear Indian Ocean.

The popular Indian legend of Rama – Seeta&Ravana has a significant relationship with this picturesque highland located by the Ocean. While historians and archeologists have named this as an archeological site, some scientists claim that the red-soiled Greenland was formed by a clash of a huge asteroid.


01 Hours Drive

Millions of years before man colonized Sri Lanka, Marine turtles had been coming to the undisturbed beaches of the tiny island to lay their eggs. While there are only 8 species in total in the world, 5 of these species have come to nest in Sri Lankan beaches, one of which being Rekawa. More importantly, these 5 species have been identified either as threatened or endangered. At Rekawa you get to observe these magnificent species in their natural behavior. The Species include:

Loggerhead, GreenTurtle, Leatherback, OliveRidley, Hawks Bill

Hummanaya or “Blow Hole”

01 Hours Drive

Located in Tangalle, ‘Hummanaya’ is reputed to as the 2nd largest blowhole in the world. A visit to the Hummanaya also gives you an opportunity to take a dip in the Sea and a day of Leisure at the glorious Tangalle beach.

MahindaRajapakse International Cricket stadium

35 minutes’ Drive

Hosting international cricket tournaments throughout the year don’t miss out on the opportunity of witnessing a match while in Hambantota

MagampuraMahindaRajapakse Port

12 minutes’ Drive

Hambantota International Convention Centre

5 Minutes Drive